Friday, January 09, 2009

Find me a Dude just like the Dude that married dear old Mom!

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He’s something like 68 years old I think? He’s at that point where he’s older than “middle aged” (unless he has plans to live to be 140 which he has not shared with me) but not yet up to “old”. My grandmother who lived to be 96? SHE was old. My grandfather who hit 100 before mortal-coil-shuffling? HE was OLD! But my Dad isn’t there yet. Plus he’s also super-awesome, and that sheds years so…

Anyway, you know how I’m super-single? The singlest person ever? Queen of the singles? Well, I’m also a daddy’s girl which I know comes as a HUGE surprise. (I’m also a mommy’s girl. It’s the problem one has when their parents are equally amazing. But I digress. And you say “Durrrr!!!!”…) So when I meet dudes one of the eventual parts of the process is when I compare them to the best dudes I know, one of which is my Dad. Most dudes fall REALLY SHORT of the mark. There are many things that I appreciate in my Dad and would want to see in any potential partners, and here are the top 10:

1. He’s always happy to see or hear from me. Always. Every. Single. Time. I could talk to Dad on the phone for 20 minutes, hang up and call him right back with something forgotten and he’s just as happy to hear my voice the second time.
2. My Dad could no sooner be “shy” than he could be a female, republican or reptilian.
3. The guy totally understands how most things work. And if he doesn’t get it now let him mess with it for a while – he’ll get it eventually
4. He whistles.
5. Next to my father your pet dog is about as loyal as your pet fish.
6. My dad doesn’t have pet fish. (I’m pretty sure fish are the pet equivalent of performance art.)
7. he likes musicals while simultaneously being not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay.
8. he’s not gay. (seriously, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, but I’ll confess I find that a turn-off in men. It’s something I’m working on.)
9. He has no problem with my being a pushy, kick-ass, aggressive chick. In fact, I’m pretty sure he takes credit for all of that.
10. He loves me. (coincidentally, I love him right back)


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