Thursday, January 08, 2009

A good investment

So my friendly, polite, sensitive and maybe entirely too nice online boyfriend was not mad at me. In fact the whole point of his latest message to me was “hey, hadn’t heard in a while and wanted to see how your holidays went!” Also there was the subtext of “I’m oh so very nice and would never think to nag someone to answer the LAST damned message that I sent so quickly last time, thereby clearly indicating my interest in getting to know you, you selfish, insensitive BEEEE-OTCH!!!” (obviously.) And so, faced with not one but two nice little messages from the only guy who didn’t reject me 6 seconds after we were matched I did the only reasonable thing! I replied to him right away, and he replied to me, and now we’re madly in love and hoping for a June wedding. The end.

(are all the crazy people who clearly don’t understand my level of “broken” gone?)

No. No, of course not. I did what you already KNOW I did. I wrote him nothing. I didn’t even stop to consider writing him back at all. I closed the browser window and PROBABLY went out to the living room to watch a Bones rerun or something. Priorities. It’s all about priorities.

I am going to reply. As long as he’s still there, and still sending (instantaneous and dripping with inappropriate hope) messages I’ll reply. Eventually. But really it feels like a chore. Like my “to do” list says “dishes, find living room floor, write back to Mr. Carl, de-lint bellybutton, solve economic crisis…” Bleah.

I did update my profile picture, because I think that’s what has been repulsing the few matches that have instantly closed in the last few months. (Oh Fernando, where are you right now? Are you in the throws of fabulous grabby-touchies? Does she love you like I would have? (by which of course I mean with extra toys and such…) Do you ever think of me?... Oh Fernando!) I have convinced myself that I need a more “come hither” picture. And I actually have one! I found a picture an uncle took of me during the trip down to the fiery armpit of California last August! Now the actual look on my face is “take the picture already, and if you even THINK about dropping my beloved camera in the pool I’ll remove each of your internal organs one by one through your left ear.” But it could also be “come hither.” If you don’t know me very well. And also it’s sunny and I’m kind of smiling and neither of these things are true of most pictures I have of me!

I realized that I only have a few weeks left of this membership. I know it’s been SUPER worth the money spent, what with all the awesome contacts I made and all the exciting, stimulating matches and everything. But I think I’ve already decided that I’ll probably re-up, at least for a little longer. Right? Your thoughts?

(OK, so now I’m gonna go reply to Mr. Carl. Or possibly finish off a bag of Pirate’s Booty. It’s a toss-up really.)

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Bridget said...

Stay away from the Pirates Booty, that way lies madness!!!