Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Unlikely In Love: The Flashback episode.

So according to The Bloggess (who should know, because HELLO? She has the word “Blog” right in her NAME?) all bloggers are apparently supposed to do a recap of the past year on their blog. But she didn’t know until just now, and I didn’t know until I read it in her blog, and so here I am. Late again.

But the good news is that it gives me ONE MORE THING to blog about, which is awesome!

Also I was totally going to write a post about new years resolutions, as I have some (sort of. I guess more accurately I have some thoughts about the new year which could be called “resolutions” if it weren’t for the fact that I’m primarily “against” new years resolutions.) but that post has become stuck in my brain and won’t come out.


MY POINT is that I have bloggy things to craft and share with you guys (who, by the way, are definitely pissed at me for the lack of blogging, because my little stats report thingie was ALL KINDS of red numbers, which loosely translates as “they’re bailing on you! Fleeing the crappy, non-writing ship like rats who don’t read and who see cheese on that floating bit of wood!” And you have every reason and right to be pissed, and I am definitely groveling and e-pologizing for being SO LAME here in blogland. But I digress…) but some of them are being uncooperative. So for right now I’m going to fall back on classic television solutions to such lack of writing inspiration and share with you guys my “flashback show.” Instead of finding a cohesive plot which explains why I would be thinking about the previous year like this, I’ll just hypothesize about what possibly drew the throngs of readers to that particular post. (hopefully one of them will feature “butt” quite a lot!)

Do me a favor and as you go from old episode to old episode do that wavy-lines thing and make that “doodle-ee-doodle-ee-doodle” noise, ‘kay?

Unlikely In Love’s top 10 most looked at posts:
1. “Femtastic Gets New Glasses” – proof of just how popular antimetropia has become since I broke the news. I’m SO a trend setter!
2. “So Few Words, So Many Syllables” – features such super-handy phrases as “Stinkbutt”, “body parts identification” and “Princess in da house, yo!”
3. “Mouths and Irony and Aluminum Foilishness” – ummmmm, “turkey kielbasa, all spicy and good”?
4. “Femtastic Hates Getting Her New Glasses” – Antimetropia, people – it’s huge!
5. “And Away We Go!...” – there are many things that could be the draw for this, but if I’m being actually honest I’d say it’s probably this sentence: “Ew, I think you have e-cooties!!”
6. “Big Finish!” – AN-TI-MET-RO-PEE-AH, people!! The glasses saga is everything!
7. “This is Me, Testing a Blue Pen” – In this post I coined the phrase “penporium”. I suspect that most of the folks who have visited and re-visited this post are those desperate to take my clever word creation and make millions with it. It’s just that genius.
8. “All the good ones ARE married or gay.” – 50% married readers, 50% gay readers = 100% posty love.
9. “Shuffle, Ball, Step, Whizzz” – Is there anything better than pee humor? No. There is not.
10. “100 Things About Femtastic…” -- All of these hits are me. I keep forgetting what the heck I’ve already told you guys about me!

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