Monday, March 05, 2007

You winkin' at me?

Hey, apparently I'm wink-worthy after all. (it's a phrase I just created and will be copywriting and selling it back to for all of their marketing needs. Admit it -- you want to be wink-worthy too. Who wouldn't?...)

This morning a fellow from winked at me, and so I did what you do. I took a counter-peek (which, remember, he can see that I did.) How can I say this... Let's just say that I sort of miss the pictureless

Actually it's not so bad. He's not Frank Sinatra (the young one with all the swooning, not the old one with the mafia homelife) but he's also not Quasi Modo -- he's pretty right-down-the-middle. (Franky Modo? (QuaSinatra?) Plus there are things that he says in his profile-deal that are interesting. Like-minded are we in some areas, like religion and movies and he claims a good sense of humor and a gregarious family. I find no red flags. He didn't check the "I enjoy smacking my woman around while listening to Opera" box (which is good, because I really don't dig Opera...)

He also doesn't do much for me. How you say - no ke-mis-tree?

So many would now say "Hey, beggars can't be choosers" and generally I'd agree that's true. But I am not a beggar here. Not to say that I could have my pick of any dude (because my rejection from Monty would certainly prove otherwise) but more to say that I'm not desperate to have a mate, ANY mate. I'm not coming from a place of "even someone I'm not that in to would be better then nobody at all."

After all, I've been with Nobody At All (or NAA) for many, many years. We've built what I think is a very solid relationship. We know eachother well, respect eachother's boundaries... I'm comfortable with Nobody. I know Nobody accepts me as me. I mean heck, I've been with Nobody At All longer then anyone else! Do I want to throw that away for someone I'm not so jazzed about? Should I or shouldn't I respond to Mr. Winky?

The big thing for me here is that ever-present question: What the heck did I sign up for this to do? (other then provide for the occasional post topic -- mission accomplished.) If I'm trying to "get out there" then it follows I should return the wink. (Or something) But is it also crappy to (for lack of a better phrase, and I can't tell you how much I wish there were a better phrase here because this one makes me sound all kinds of full of myself and I swear I'm not! I'm practically empty of myself, I really am!) "lead someone on" if I don't really think I'll be going for this?

Wow, who knew there would be so much soul searching in online dating?

I'm gonna think on this for another day. I'd love feedback. ('course I'd also love chocolate covered wishes carrying give-away money in their wishly fanny packs, so I'm cool w/ disappointment.)


Rachel said...

What have you got to lose? If it totally bombs, you're no worse off than before, right? Sometimes the not-so-hot guys are a way better deal - they tend to be oh so appreciative.;-)


Queenie said...

Go for it!

Not so hot in a picture can be way different in person. And think about the posts you would get out if it!


Courtney said...

I think that you should wink back. At the very least it will be good practice for when someone who does do it for you winks at you. Good luck!