Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Better to have loved and lost, supposedly...

So every once in a while I see a meme that is intriguing, but I can't really bend it to fit the mission, and we all know the mission is SO important, right? Also I figure if I can make it fit the mission I can avoid feeling goofy about doing a meme, because I still judge me for them. Even when they're tasty. They're like the blog equivalent of a Hostess Cup Cake. And I LOVE Hostess Cup Cakes!

Anyway, I find them and I send them to my friend Risky who 1) loves lists. She does, and she'll be the first to tell you so (in fact, I'll bet she could make you an awesome list of reasons why she loves lists), and 2) rocks the memes. They're really made for her and her bloggy-ness. But sometimes I get to do them too, and this is one of those times.

The original meme was "Seven Songs I’m Listening To At The Moment." That's cool enough, but doesn't match the mission. HOWEVER, I recently completed a mix to share at our Ladies Day which I called "Love Goes BOOM." It's a collection (volume 1 of many, I fear) of un-love songs. Songs about bad love, love gone bad, "you don't love me anymore and therefore you suck" songs, and things like that.

So for this blog the meme has been modified:

Seven Non-Love Songs I’m Listening To At The Moment -- the Unlikely In Love Soundtrack:
I will Survive, by Cake. (the original song is a classic, but too dated for my mix. So imagine my joy when I found this cover out there! If you've not heard it you must, must, must...)
2) Song for the Dumped, by Ben Folds Five. (there are few break-up songs that capture the true feeling of that event like this one, covering the most important parts: pay me the money you owe me and give me back my black T-shirt, bitch!)
3) You're Breaking My Heart, by Harry Nilsson. (It's an amazingly upbeat song for one with the chorus "You're breaking my heart, you're tearing it apart, so F*ck You!" A real pick-me-upper! Plus you get to see people scramble for the volume knob when they play it for the first time...)
4) The Apology, by Maia Sharp. (First a plug: if you don't know her music you must seek it out. She ROCKS. And this song was one of the first I ever loved of hers. It's from the perspective of a woman who knows her man is stepping out, so if you've ever been two-timed this is your tune, ladies.)
5) Gravel, by Ani DiFranco. (For everyone who's ever loved and hated someone simultaneously. Sure, we're crazy for doing it! But at least someone out there has put our crazy to music.)
6) Nothin' on Me, by Shawn Colvin. (I love this song for it's eternal "you can't touch me!" vibe. It's a great song for when you're coming out the other side of craptastic love.)
7) Love Stinks, by J. Geils Band. (Seriously, did any of you think I'd miss this one? My ANTHEM? I'm seriously considering ending every volume of Love Goes BOOM! with this song.)

Now that you've got the start of your anti-love soundtracks, share with me the other songs I absolutely have to use in subsequent volumes. Because I must tell you, as I was making this CD I had the constent, nagging feeling that there were a ton of songs that I was just plain missing. (also if anyone would like the entire song list (all 20 tunes) from Love Goes BOOM, Vol. 1, just email me and I'll send it along.)