Tuesday, March 20, 2007

With Chicas like these who needs Senors?

(Do you like my south-of-the-border flair? Gracias!)
You know how sometimes you have some event or thing that you're looking forward to? And it's going to be SUPER-coolness, and you look forward to it so much that all the time between planning it and actually doing it goes by S-O-O-O-P-E-R S-L-O-O-O-W-L-Y-Y-Y-Y...? And then finally the thing comes or happens and after all of that it turns out to be only ok? Maybe not even ok?


This weekend was the first official "Ladies Day" of 2007. These happen just about quarterly, and on these days I get together with The Queen and Risky and we do something bigly fun and sometimes very girly, while their associated men-folk watch the kids and just generally prove what very good catches they are. This weekend it was the classic "movie and lunch," which we all know men hate. They hate movies, especially gripping thrillers about American spies and the hot young studs that catch them. (The Breach -- I give it 3 boobies up out of 4. It's my own rating system. Don't ask where the extra boobies come from -- you're better off not knowing.)

They also hate lunch. Check it out -- guys hate lunch. They're much more about breakfast. I sat there, enjoying my big old cheeseburger, onion rings and Pepsi, thinking how much the guys would have hated such a meal. Poor, poor boys.

OK, so the actual day wasn't an earth-shakingly creative plan. But that's not really the point from Ladies Day. The POINT (and I'm really just doing this part for any guys that someday wander past this, looking for a blog on car parts or the WWF) is to have a thing to hang hours of chatting and talking and verbalizing and laughing and "oh my god, you snorted!"-ing off of. you can sit and do such stuff for a really long time, as long as there are at least 2 onion rings still sitting on your plate.

Risky always has the best stories about what it's like to be the only alternative lifestyle sign language interpreter at an otherwise extremely conservative, straight-laced, practically bible-icious highschool. The Queen updates us on the latest in her current pregnancy -- " days since I had to throw up!" and then we all cross our fingers and do the anti-urp prayer together. But it doesn't even matter what we're talking about.

I just think about it this way: if I were on a date right now I'd be much more uncomfortable. Maybe someday I'd feel a bond with this guy (or some other guy) one tenth of that I have with these women. But if I have to pick the way to spend my time? I'd pick m
ovie and a meal with The Ladies over a date with the hottest guy every time!
(Note: this is an easy statement to make given the lack of guys, hot or otherwise. I will not be held to this pledge should such an actual conflict ever rise!)

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queenie said...

I had a great time too!