Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trapped and cranky

OK, I must first acknowledge that this post is 100% off-mission. No mention of dudes or wove or online-hooking-up here, so I'd understand if folks skipped it. However I hope you'll take pity on me. See, I'm in a mood best described as "Pooperific" (although I think both "Grumble-tastic" and/or "potentially homicidal" might also apply) and I'm trapped here at my office desk job, or "rock the fake smile/use the phone voice/sport the uncomfy shoes-land." I can't unleash my inner tantrum here, so I'm hoping that the world out there might have some suggestions for how to "turn that frown upside down"? (and I'm really sorry that those words came out of my fingers.)

Here are the ideas that I've had so far:
  • Listening to the right music. See, I put on headphones and listen to music in one ear while I'm working, so the choice of my music is all mine. I went with Beatles, but it might be a bridge too far for them?
  • Stopping by websites with whimsy. So far I hit dailymonster.com, homestarrunner.com and puppetup.com.
  • Grover's Health Minute. 'nuff said. (there are many fabulous Sesame Street and Muppet Show clips on YouTube and the like, but this one was the cause of one of my worst giggle-fits ever. Ever.)
  • Indescriminately wiggling my butt when I think no one is looking
  • Descriminately wiggling my butt when I suspect folks are looking, because I'm all about sharing.
  • Kicking the chair of the receptionist when I walk through her space on the way to the cookies.
  • Eating cookies.

...but believe it or not, none of these things have worked. Not even the cookies, or the cookie-route-chair-kicking! (plus now the receptionist is ticked at me, which would be worth it if my mood had improved.) Help, help, help!

You know how I feel about going off-mission, so you know this is serious. I hope there are people out there with advise to offer. Consider it a community service!

1 comment:

Queenie said...

I say have a hot fudge sundae for lunch.

Then of course the sugar crash would probably just leave you more cranky, but you'd be good for another couple of hours at least!

Hope that your day gets better!