Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm multi-faceted -- I can COPY people too!

Can you believe we (and when I say we I mean mostly me, but in that royal way) have been indulging in this silliness for over 5 months? Really! And so I decided to add something new to the process, by way of stealing from one of the great trail-blazers in blogging, You see, I check out her blog regularly and one of my favorite parts is the daily photograph. (I'm especially excited whenever the picture is of that most fabulous of puppies, Mr. Chuck!) And it occurred to me, what is the internet if not a fabulous source of ideas you can steal and use for your own?

So as of today, 3/1/07, I'm going to attempt to post a photograph every day. This is also a form of homage to a project started over at Indigo Luna called "Daily Devotions" (except that I'm not so artsy, but more snappy, shoot-from-the-hippy) and if I can keep it going I might even try to get creative with it eventually.

Plus today I will attempt to get back to that Wove, Thursday thing (I fell off the wagon, hurting my emotion-bone at the same time and haven't been able to return to it quite since) and I'll try to do both with one stone.

So folks, I bring you Snapstastic! And also, Happy Wove, Thursday everyone.


Rachel said...

Actually the lovely Mim posts a photo a day as her Daily Devotion (although she is also very artsy in other ways). You can check her pics out at the R.S.V.P. link in my Daily Devotions Blogs sidebar.

queenie said...

Ahhh, what a good picture to start it off with too!

And I'm definitely not biased!