Tuesday, March 06, 2007


You don't know what I do for a living or for whom I do it. Part of the 'secret blogger' thing. But I can tell you that what I do puts me in contact periodically with people who:

a) live in other states, possibly very far away, and
b) have money. Much money. Oh hell, let's just say it: C-R-A-P-loads of money!

Normally this has nothing to do with me beyond remembering to dial an area code. And then today this dude, who happens to belong in both of the above clubs, started asking my co-worker about me. Seems he's smitten with my voice.

So this morning I'm "gosh, should I wink back at Frankie Modo?" and by the end of the day it's "Woohoo, a rich dude thinks I sound hot!" I guess it's true what they say- er, sing. What a difference a day makes.

And a rich dude w/ a thing for bossy phone voices.

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